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How to Clean Leather Car Seats

downloadThose of us who are lucky enough to have leather car seats will know how easily they can be stained or become dirty. Removing stain from the leather is a consuming task and requires a lot of time and patience. By following these simple steps, you will soon have your leather car seats soft, supple and looking like new.

You Will Need:

Leather Cleaner
Bowl of Water
Lint Free Cloth
Sunscreen Solution
Step 1- Choose a Leather Cleaner

You can buy leather cleaners from most hardware stores and car shops. Although leather cleaners are not expensive, using a homemade version can be a very effective solution to cleaning leather car seats. The solution is made up of one part of vinegar and two parts of linseed oil. Many people who have used this alternative cleaner say it is less abrasive than some commercial leather cleaners and helps the lather wear better.

Step 2 – Perform a Patch Test

As maintaining the quality of your leather car seats is a priority, it is perhaps sensible to carry out a small patch test on an inconspicuous area of the seat before you smear the cleaner over the whole area. This

9 Essential Steps to Car Detailing

1400A few car detailing tips can help you maintain a good looking car. Getting a professional to detail a car can be pricey. Doing it yourself can be a money saver. In addition, it can be very gratifying once you step away from the car to take in all of your hard work.

There a number of essential steps to car detailing, so let’s explore them in order to get you prepared to do a thorough job.

Car detailing takes place inside the car as well as on the outside. It is best to start with the inside and finish with a clean wash and wax of the outside. Getting that interior clean can cause some dust to kick up. There are five steps to a great interior detail job.

Vacuuming.Start with the floor mats, carpeting and upholstery. A good vacuum is always needed after some neglect because of the number of things that can be tracked into a car. Dirt collects and gets everywhere. Vacuum under the seats, dash and rear window area. Leave nothing untouched by the vacuum
Repairs and further cleaning.The rugs may have

11 Tips for Painting Your Car

$T2eC16V,!)!E9s2fB+N5BRZzlkNmZw--60_35Of all the automotive repair jobs a home mechanic can do, painting a car can be the most challenging because it requires a well-controlled environment, a considerable number of tools and equipment, and a lot of patience. For many do-it-yourselfers, painting a car is at the top of their list of things to do because it is challenging, yet very rewarding. Before painting a car, home mechanics should know some tips and tricks that will help them prepare a work area for painting a car, prepare a car’s exterior to be painted, and apply paint smoothly and evenly. Below are a total of 11 tips for the entire painting process as well as advice on how to buy painting supplies on eBay.

Three Tips for Preparing the Car for Painting
The success of a paint job is often determined by the care taken to prepare a car to be painted. Many amateur car painters rush the preparation process in their zeal to see the paint job completed, which often results in unsatisfactory results and contributes to the commonly-held belief that amateurs cannot paint their own cars at home. Properly preparing the car

Visit a Toyota Dealership Today

If you are seeking to make a smart decision to buy a Toyota truck or you are still confuse, it is very tough to neglect that these affordable and reliable vehicles are the most common in their class. With the right combination of design innovation, great fuel economy and strong engines, Toyota also delivers an excellent service. Before you can decide a truck, you should choose the right dealership for your convenience. When preferring Toyota, saving money is ridiculous easy and when the time comes, you will desire that you can rely on the best Toyota dealership. Still require some clarification that opting a Toyota is one of the best investments that you make. Hence, let’s discuss the detailed information about Toyota dealership services.


Services provided by Houston Toyota dealership

Even an automotive from Toyota is not an exception; all the vehicles including the one from Toyota sometimes encounter an issue. However, Toyota dealership trusts in developing a long term consumer relationship. This can be only reached via advertisements and promoting confidence in the consumers. The most comfortable and

Does a Cosigner in Oakville, Ontario Improve Your Chances?

If you have bad credit in Oakville, Ontario you’ve probably experienced getting turned down for a loan before. It’s not a good experience and it’s something that you definitely don’t want to go through again. So you might be looking at what your options really are and how you can improve your chances of getting that approval the next time. Well one way you’ve probably heard of is getting a cosigner. Not everyone loves the idea and some people aren’t even sure what it means, but it is something you might want to consider if you have bad credit.

A cosigner is someone that you know who vouches for you that you will pay back the money that you borrow. This needs to be someone that has good credit on their own because they are saying that if you don’t pay back the money they will do it for you. In order for the loan company to take them on as your cosigner they want to make sure they can at least rely on that person if they aren’t able to rely on you for the things that you said you were going to do. It’s extremely

Tips To Consider When Buying A Car For Your Teen Child

You may also be facing the prospect of adding another car to your garage. Choosing the right car for your teen may not make her a better driver, but may be a key factor in keeping her safe. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, which crash-tests dozens of vehicles each year, advises parents to choose a midsize vehicle with lots of safety features such as air bags and antilock brakes.

If your budget can support buying your teen a new car, chances are most recommended safety features will be standard issue, and your biggest dilemma will be choosing a paint color. However, if you are looking at used cars for your teen driver, you may have to do a little more research to find a car with appropriate safety equipment. Here are some tips from the experts at Farmers Insurance Group that can help you find the best car for your new driver:

* A good place to start is with “The Consumer Guide Used Car Rating Guide.” This useful publication talks about the pros and cons of buying a used vehicle, which is especially useful if you haven’t shopped for a used car before.

* Check out the consumer information on car

10 Essential Tips for Your First Motorcycle Road Trip

1. The road is longer than you think

The first day of my trip was a relatively short ride between the cities of Athens and Statesboro. It was about a three-hour ride, and at the end of it, I met a friend for dinner and drinks, then spent the night before my big push to West Palm Beach. While three hours on the road was no big deal, the drive from Statesboro to West Palm Beach was more than twice as long. When I was planning the trip, six or seven hours didn’t sound horrible, but for someone who had never ridden a motorcycle for that long, actually doing it felt like an absolute eternity.

If you aren’t accustomed to riding for more than just a few hours, don’t jump right into a road trip. Try taking some practice rides to get used to being on a bike for longer periods of time. Experienced riders regularly go on much longer trips than I did, but they’re just that – experienced riders. The more prepared you can be for how endless six or seven hours is going to feel, the better.

2. Windshields are great
Getting my start riding mostly in the city, I


What exactly are those things that you should expect when riding in the rain, and how should your riding vary? Here are some tips:

Tip 1: Choose the right gear
A good waterproof rainsuit (two-piece or one), gloves, boots, and perhaps an electric vest, can keep even the most persistent storm from soaking you, which is the first key to enjoying a day spent in the rain. Generally, waterproof gear such as this means extra warmth, but if you need even more, consider wearing layers, but multiple thin ones rather than one thick undergarment, as those layers can be easily removed one at a time as needed.
Another oft overlooked piece of the gear puzzle is the helmet, which should be equipped with either an anti-fog visor, breath guard, or even a visor with electric defrost function. The nights are obviously longer during the winter, so chances are your commute will be in the dark—a clear shield is a must, as well.
Whatever combination of gear you end up with, make sure that it doesn’t intrude on your riding or distract you in any way. For example, you can’t work the controls with frozen fingers, but an extra-warm pair of gloves

Tips and Tricks for Finding the Source

There are many car smells. Some of them may be normal but others such as a musty car odor or car mildew smell can be a sign that something is the matter. The best way to eliminate the smell is to determine its cause, fix it, and then go about deodorizing your vehicle, as smells will become trapped in fabric. Some of the nastier car smells include gym socks, sulfur, rotten eggs, burnt paper, and a gas stations to name a few.

Gasoline Smell

Most of these are related to a leak. If your car smells like a gas station then there is a leak in the fuel tank vent hose or the fuel injection line. This is very dangerous because gasoline is flammable. Many times if you have an old car, pre 1980, then this smell can be normal but for modern cars this smell is an issue.

Rotten Egg Smell

If you get a rotten egg smell when the engine is running, this is due to the compound hydrogen sulfide. There is a small amount of sulfur found in gasoline. When the gas travels through the catalytic converter, it will be transformed into sulfur dioxide, which does not smell. So if the

How to Soften a Stiff Leather Car Seat

leather car seat can enhance value and beauty to a car. With proper care, they can last into vintage age. It’s important not to get leather soiled, soaked, or let it dry out, but if you have leather car seats that have become stiff, there are some remedies.

Remove the leather seats from any area that is extremely hot or cold, or excessively dry or humid. You may want to remove them from the vehicle to begin restoring the leather. Before you place anything on the leather, think of it as your own skin. Chemicals and heat can harm or crack it. Improper cleaning can also remove finishes and colors.

You’ll need to wash the leather to clean the dirt deep in the pores and to remove any stains before applying conditioner. Conditioner will soak in deeply and will drag the dirt in as well, if not removed first. Be sure to use quality products, as some leather cleaners can actually damage leather. Avoid leather care products that are alkaline by nature. These products can further dry and eventually crack the leather. Also avoid petroleum distillates, silicones and waxes that are fire hazards. Some cleaners leave a residue or darken and harden

How to Repair Car Roof Upholstery

If you plan to hold on to your vehicle for several years, you’ll likely need to know how to repair car roof upholstery. Car upholstery in general tends to lose its adhesive properties over several years of use. The result is that the loose outer layer of fabric that makes up the upholstery will come detached from the top of the car, and gravity will pull the fabric down so that it hangs loosely and freely. In extreme cases, this can even cause problems of spacing and visual impairment for the driver of the car. Fortunately, car roof upholstery maintenance is relatively straightforward, provided that you catch it early enough in the process of coming detached. Read on for a brief guide on how to repair car roof upholstery.

Step 1 — Gather the Materials

You’ll need the following materials in order to repair car roof upholstery adequately:

Upholstery glue
Assistant to hold the upholstery in place
Step 2 — Identify the Points of Concern

Carefully examine the upholstery on the roof of your car for signs of damage. Look for critical points at which the glue that previously held it in place may have come undone or may have suffered some sort of

4 Tips for Choosing Custom Car Leather Upholstery

Nothing says more about the importance and care you give your car than giving it some custom car leather upholstery. Not only can you brighten up a drab car interior, but you’ll also be doing your guests a favor by soothing their tired eyes with some stylish designs.

With so many custom car leather choices around, here are 4 tips to help you make up your mind.

Don’t get “one-size-fits-all” upholstery. Even if the salesman convinces you otherwise, one-size-fits-all custom car leather looks ghastly on your car. Go and spend the extra bucks and choose a dealer that will tailor-fit the leather to your car seats. Your car will love you for it.
Do choose upholstery that will completely replace your car’s seat covers. There is upholstery that simply slips over your seat covers—don’t choose these! This upholstery will make your car seats look as if they were just a second thought. Good quality car upholstery snugly fits the seat and looks as if the manufacturer intentionally designed the seat covers that way.
Do choose to add suede if you can get away with it. Give your seat covers a sporty look by adding a flash of suede along the trim and

How to Mend an Interior Car Scratch

If you’ve ever had a car scratch on the interior of your vehicle, you probably thought you were stuck with it. The good news is that many scratches can be repaired, and you can do it yourself. Depending on what type of interior you have, plastic, vinyl or leather, you’ll have to get a specific filler to match that medium and that color. Auto parts stores should carry them, but you can probably find them at a hardware store, too. Beyond that, you should be able to use items you probably already have. Those items include cleaner (or dish soap) and a putty knife. For a plastic interior you’ll also need sandpaper.

Clean the Surface

No matter which material you need for the repair, the first step is always the same. You’ll want to clean the surface area of the scratch. You can use a cleaner specifically for car interiors, but a solution of dish soap and water will work. If your interior is reasonably clean you can just do the areas you need to repair, but if the whole interior needs cleaning you’ll probably want to do all of it (otherwise you’ll have clean spots).

Plastic Interiors

To fix car scratches on a

3 Methods for Getting a Bad Car Smell Out of Your Vehicle

bad car smell often causes even the shortest drives to grow miserable. Generally speaking, most individuals attempt to maintain the new car smell that so many automobile purchasers fall in love with. Thankfully, when a car obtains an undesirable odor, the customer or car owner does possess the ability to remove nearly any stench problem.

Tip #1 – Air it out

Cars will often hold odors due to the permeable interior within the vehicle. Certain stenches will get absorbed by seat cushions and even cloth car mats. In order to completely remove an odor that gets trapped by the car’s interior, simply let then vehicle stand with both windows and doors down in a clean outdoor environment. Removing the mats and any seat covers will increase the likelihood of shedding a foul car stench.

Tip #2 – Air Freshening Helps

Simply store bought air fresheners often help remove odors from nearly any living space, including such spaces as vehicles. Some spray fresheners actually work by absorbing air born particles that cause odor problems. Customers will find the most satisfaction by choosing a product that does not cause an even higher degree of unwanted odor. In other words, always choose a product that will provide

The Best Way to Remove a Car Smell

In order to remove undesirable car smell in the least tedious way, car owners will find that combining available methods quickly knocks out even the strongest of odors. Rather than simply washing the vehicle’s interior or airing the car out overnight, those who adamantly want an odor gone use multiple methods to get their new car smell back.

Removing the Odor

A number of methods effectively work by removing undesirable car odors. However, in many cases, the same stench comes back only after a number of days from the original cleaning. Thus, a better option must get utilized in order to completely eliminate unwanted stenches.

Most customers often result to the simple use of spray or hanging car fresheners. However, many find that these simple products simply work by masking bad odors, and in some cases, only add to the mess of unwanted smells.

By thoroughly cleaning floor mats and the carpet of the car, along with seat covers and even the car seats, car owners remove much of the odors that permeate the vehicle’s interior surfaces. The method provides an effective car smell removal tactic, though, not always providing a permanent fix.

Other car owners simply let their vehicle air out in an outdoor

How to Get Rid of Car Smoke Smell

That stale car smoke smell is horrible to find when you open a car door. With a little work you can keep your car smelling fresh and clean.

Tools and Materials Needed:

Baking soda
Glass cleaner
Odor eliminating shampoo
Leather cleaner
Vacuum cleaner
Step 1 – Shampoo

Start by vacuuming the interior of the vehicle. Use an odor eliminating shampoo on all parts of the upholstery inside the car. That should include the carpets and the floor mats (remove the floor mats to clean).

Step 2 – Surfaces

Use the shampoo on all other interior surfaces, including the header and the area by the back window, to clean these thoroughly. Put the shampoo on a sponge that’s damp, not soaked, then rub in carefully.

Step 3 – Windows

Clean all the glass in the car. Use paper towels. Spray cleaner onto the glass and then rub clean. It might take two applications to clean the glass completely. You’ll find brown stains on the towels at first from the smoke that’s adhered to the glass.

Step 4 – Baking Soda

Use baking soda to cut the smoke smell. Sprinkle it onto all the carpets. You will need to let it sit for a week after working it in. This

14 car hacks every driver should know

For as long as there have been cars on the road, there have been innovative car owners who have thought of some truly ingenious solutions to their car woes.

We came up with 14 awesome car hacks that may make your next car ride a little more pleasant (thanks to Farmers Insurance for the idea).

1. De-ice your locks with hand sanitizer.

Car locks can ice over in the winter. So squirt a little waterless hand sanitizer on your key and insert it in the lock. The same alcohol content that kills germs on dirty hands also melts away the ice in the lock.

2. Remove dents with dry ice.

The extreme cold of dry ice can help pop out dents. Pick some up at your local grocery store. Remember to pick it up with gloves, since dry ice can hurt your skin. Then apply it to the dent repeatedly until it’s gone.

3. Clean your engine with soap and water.

A spotless engine is easier to service. Clean it often with water and a little dishwasher detergent (degreaser works well, too). First, cover all the sensitive areas (electrical parts, battery, air intake, and distributor) with plastic bags, then scrub and rinse the engine with a soft

Three Tips and Tricks for Interior Car Cleaning

Because the inside of a car has so many more surfaces and textures than the exterior, car interior cleaning is a relatively big job that requires a time commitment of up to a few hours if you plan to do it yourself. Whether you are interested in a simple clean car interior or something as thorough as a car interior detailing, there are a few things you should be aware of that will help you do a more satisfying job. The following tips will give you some pointers that may help you do a better job cleaning the inside of your car.

Tip 1

The first thing you should do before you even start the actual cleaning part is to collect everything loose in your car into a garbage bag. This will keep you from having to constantly move things around while you’re cleaning. Once you are done with the rest of the cleaning process, you can sift through the stuff in the bag for things you want to keep in your car and throw the rest away.

Tip 2

After you are done taking everything out of your car, the next thing you should do is vacuum, preferably with one that has a

How to Change Your Car Oil in 13 Easy Steps

1. Park your car on a flat, even, hard surface and run the engine for about five minutes. You’ll want the engine to be warmed up but not hot, so the oil flows out easily but doesn’t burn you.

2. Locate the oil plug. For most cars, a sturdy jack will make this job much more pleasant. Raise the car and look for the plug, usually toward the rear of where the engine is located. Consult your owner’s manual and double check that you’ve got the right plug before moving forward with the task at hand.

3. Drain the plug. Place the drain pan beneath the plug. With your wrench, turn the plug counterclockwise to loosen the plug. Once the plug comes off, the oil will begin to drain—sometimes quickly. You’ll probably drop the plug in your oil pan but that’s part of the fun. Take extra care as the oil can be hot.

4. Replace the drain plug and be careful not to overtighten. If your plug is looking flat or worn out, replace it.

5. Remove the old oil filter—it looks almost like a can of soda and usually bears the car’s make. Secure the grip and turn counter clockwise. It might

Storing your Motorcycle

Lower Mainland riders are able to ride almost all year long due to moderate seasonal temperatures, but just in case you need to store your motorcycle… here’s some tips…

No time???…Pacific Motosports provides high quality winterization service
These general storage tips that go with your specific model information from your Owner’s Manual and or Service/Technical Manual to maintain the highest level of safety and preparedness to preserve the value of your investment.

Thoroughly wash and dry the motorcycle, dirt and bug remains retain water and can be acidic and cause corrosion to alloys. Polish and wax all chrome and painted surfaces. Spray unpainted castings with S100R Corrosion Protectant. Always refer to your Owner’s Manual as to the specific cleaning needs of your motorcycle.

Oil Changes
It is recommended that the engine oil and filter be changed prior to long periods of inactivity. Follow your manufacturer’s recommendations on oil viscosity and type as well as an O.E.M. oil filter. Once the oil has been changed, start and run the engine to allow the clean oil to circulate throughout the engine for approximately three minutes. If the motorcycle will be stored for longer than 6 months, drain and replace all other oils such as,