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3 Methods for Getting a Bad Car Smell Out of Your Vehicle

bad car smell often causes even the shortest drives to grow miserable. Generally speaking, most individuals attempt to maintain the new car smell that so many automobile purchasers fall in love with. Thankfully, when a car obtains an undesirable odor, the customer or car owner does possess the ability to remove nearly any stench problem.

Tip #1 – Air it out

Cars will often hold odors due to the permeable interior within the vehicle. Certain stenches will get absorbed by seat cushions and even cloth car mats. In order to completely remove an odor that gets trapped by the car’s interior, simply let then vehicle stand with both windows and doors down in a clean outdoor environment. Removing the mats and any seat covers will increase the likelihood of shedding a foul car stench.

Tip #2 – Air Freshening Helps

Simply store bought air fresheners often help remove odors from nearly any living space, including such spaces as vehicles. Some spray fresheners actually work by absorbing air born particles that cause odor problems. Customers will find the most satisfaction by choosing a product that does not cause an even higher degree of unwanted odor. In other words, always choose a product that will provide a desirable smell, since the interior of the car will generally absorb most of the freshening product.

Tip #3 – Thorough Wash

Often times, the car’s interior will hold most of the odor causing a problem for the driver and passengers. Many car owners shampoo both the carpet, car mats, and gently clean the car seats, if not leather, to remove a bad car smell.

The Best Way to Remove a Car Smell

In order to remove undesirable car smell in the least tedious way, car owners will find that combining available methods quickly knocks out even the strongest of odors. Rather than simply washing the vehicle’s interior or airing the car out overnight, those who adamantly want an odor gone use multiple methods to get their new car smell back.

Removing the Odor

A number of methods effectively work by removing undesirable car odors. However, in many cases, the same stench comes back only after a number of days from the original cleaning. Thus, a better option must get utilized in order to completely eliminate unwanted stenches.

Most customers often result to the simple use of spray or hanging car fresheners. However, many find that these simple products simply work by masking bad odors, and in some cases, only add to the mess of unwanted smells.

By thoroughly cleaning floor mats and the carpet of the car, along with seat covers and even the car seats, car owners remove much of the odors that permeate the vehicle’s interior surfaces. The method provides an effective car smell removal tactic, though, not always providing a permanent fix.

Other car owners simply let their vehicle air out in an outdoor environment for a day’s length. However, this option serves as an unrealistic option for some individuals who do not own the required space.

In order to fully remove a bad car smell, car owners must combine tactics mentioned previously. A thorough interior cleaning along with an added freshening device, plus physically airing the car out with either fans or natural wind, provides owners with the best possible car smell removal method.

How to Get Rid of Car Smoke Smell

That stale car smoke smell is horrible to find when you open a car door. With a little work you can keep your car smelling fresh and clean.

Tools and Materials Needed:

Baking soda
Glass cleaner
Odor eliminating shampoo
Leather cleaner
Vacuum cleaner
Step 1 – Shampoo

Start by vacuuming the interior of the vehicle. Use an odor eliminating shampoo on all parts of the upholstery inside the car. That should include the carpets and the floor mats (remove the floor mats to clean).

Step 2 – Surfaces

Use the shampoo on all other interior surfaces, including the header and the area by the back window, to clean these thoroughly. Put the shampoo on a sponge that’s damp, not soaked, then rub in carefully.

Step 3 – Windows

Clean all the glass in the car. Use paper towels. Spray cleaner onto the glass and then rub clean. It might take two applications to clean the glass completely. You’ll find brown stains on the towels at first from the smoke that’s adhered to the glass.

Step 4 – Baking Soda

Use baking soda to cut the smoke smell. Sprinkle it onto all the carpets. You will need to let it sit for a week after working it in. This allows it to grab the car smoke smell out of the fabric.

Step 5 – Leather

The car smoke smell will be caught in the leather and vinyl parts of the interior. You’ll be able to pick up a good leather cleaner at the hardware store. To take out the last of the cigarette smoke smell, vacuum the ashtray and clean it. Once dry, put a little baking soda in it.

9 Essential Steps to Car Detailing

1400A few car detailing tips can help you maintain a good looking car. Getting a professional to detail a car can be pricey. Doing it yourself can be a money saver. In addition, it can be very gratifying once you step away from the car to take in all of your hard work.

There a number of essential steps to car detailing, so let’s explore them in order to get you prepared to do a thorough job.

Car detailing takes place inside the car as well as on the outside. It is best to start with the inside and finish with a clean wash and wax of the outside. Getting that interior clean can cause some dust to kick up. There are five steps to a great interior detail job.

Vacuuming.Start with the floor mats, carpeting and upholstery. A good vacuum is always needed after some neglect because of the number of things that can be tracked into a car. Dirt collects and gets everywhere. Vacuum under the seats, dash and rear window area. Leave nothing untouched by the vacuum
Repairs and further cleaning.The rugs may have stains or possibly burns from dropped cigarettes. So some extra work to the rugs and seating may be required. Foamy cleaners are good for stains, but be careful not to cause any mildewy smells. A rug burn may need to be cut out and replaced with a piece from a spot not seen by the eye. To get that new piece to stick, make sure to use a strong and water-resistant adhesive
Hard surfaces.If you have leather seats or a vinyl dash, then cleaning is something you always need to do to get the most out the car’s look. Always remember that vinyl and leather are different, so they require different cleaners and conditioners
Dashboard. The various buttons, like the radio, present a great place for dust to collect. This area also presents one of the biggest challenges. There are two ways to get at those detailed areas that make up the dash and they arecotton swabs and a small can of compressed air. Both of these have their advantages, so find the best thing for your car
Interior glass and plastic gauge lenses. It is important to stay on top of cleaning these areas because they affect the overall look and the view from the inside. As the car ages, the glass can develop a look that is not exactly clear, so a good glass cleaner will be your top priority. Watch the streaking

The first thing you notice is the outside of your car as you walk up to it. Weather and other elements play havoc on a car’s exterior, so let’s look at the four steps to a great outside detail.

A good wash.Start with an overall wash of the car. Dirt will collect even more in certain places, such as the lower part of the car near the tires. Use a dependable car cleaning soap, a water hose with a good flow and finish it off by drying with a terry cloth or piece of chamois leather
Wheels.Give the wheels, including the wells, hub caps and tire, a good scrub and polish. This will require getting down there and giving this area a thorough clean. Use only approved brushes, cleaners and polish for this area
Dents, scratches and nicks.After the car is dry, give it a look over in order to find any noticeable damage. Certain scratches may be easily cleaned and repaired. If there is something that needs more attention, then a professional may be needed
The final polish. A good waxing or polishing is needed to give the car that shiny, clean look. Even the plastic chrome needs a good waxing. A great waxing can protect the car’s paint and give it long-lasting potential. Be aware of what goes on what when doing this step. The tires need a different polish than the hood