Microsoft: Showing Windows Update & New Design

On the second day of its developer conference, the Group is working on innovations for its operating system.
As part of the Microsoft Build 2017, the US company has introduced the next update for its Windows 10 operating system. The “Fall Creators Update” is supposed to appear in autumn, when exactly, it was not yet decided.

It is planned September, Microsoft wants to keep the date open. There will also be a new app for creators to edit photos and videos.

At the same time, the new design for Windows, known as “Project Neon”, was announced. The new design language now officially bears the name “Fluent Design System”.

It is not so much about really noticeable, dramatic changes in the appearance, but of changes which are to be applied gradually. “The new Fluent Design System enables intuitive, harmonious experiences with responsive and cross-device interactions,” said Windows CEO Terry Myerson in presenting the innovations.


With the next Windows update, Microsoft is also pursuing a new, cross-platform access, whether it is Windows, iOS or Android. Based on the Microsoft Graph and the new design language, you will ensure that the Windows experience can be transferred to all devices. This is a completely new approach for Microsoft and a change in the business model, it says. A number of new functions have now been built on this principle.

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