The Best Way to Remove a Car Smell

In order to remove undesirable car smell in the least tedious way, car owners will find that combining available methods quickly knocks out even the strongest of odors. Rather than simply washing the vehicle’s interior or airing the car out overnight, those who adamantly want an odor gone use multiple methods to get their new car smell back.

Removing the Odor

A number of methods effectively work by removing undesirable car odors. However, in many cases, the same stench comes back only after a number of days from the original cleaning. Thus, a better option must get utilized in order to completely eliminate unwanted stenches.

Most customers often result to the simple use of spray or hanging car fresheners. However, many find that these simple products simply work by masking bad odors, and in some cases, only add to the mess of unwanted smells.

By thoroughly cleaning floor mats and the carpet of the car, along with seat covers and even the car seats, car owners remove much of the odors that permeate the vehicle’s interior surfaces. The method provides an effective car smell removal tactic, though, not always providing a permanent fix.

Other car owners simply let their vehicle air out in an outdoor environment for a day’s length. However, this option serves as an unrealistic option for some individuals who do not own the required space.

In order to fully remove a bad car smell, car owners must combine tactics mentioned previously. A thorough interior cleaning along with an added freshening device, plus physically airing the car out with either fans or natural wind, provides owners with the best possible car smell removal method.